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2015-12-27 :: Clay // art + projects
A Canvas Made of Pixels

A year ago over the holiday break, I created a large-scale digital “canvas” that can reproduce works of fine art – paintings, photographs, lithographs, etc. – in a way that is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. For the full effect, you really need to see it in person. But so you can get the […]

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Over the holidays, I spent a couple of days creating a portrait of Abraham Lincoln out of pennies. (1,617 of them, to be exact.) The portrait is actually a recreation of one I did in 2005, and incorporates several learnings from the first go-around. The 2013 version here is based on a better known photo […]

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Over the holidays I hacked up an interactive version of the Google logo photomosaic I made back in May, so anyone who doesn’t happen to work in Google’s London offices can still have a look at high resolution versions of the individual photos. Click a photo to zoom in, and click again to zoom out. […]

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2010-11-21 :: Clay // art + projects
Orbits Test Shots

A few test shots from my latest project. (These are photos.)

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