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2010-10-17 :: Clay // product design
Products I Like

I get pretty excited whenever I discover a really great product, and I’ve stumbled upon or been introduced to a bunch recently, so I thought I’d share some of my latest discoveries here. A few of my favorites: Panasonic GF1 – This digital camera is a strange but effective combination of a pocket camera and an […]

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While in Tokyo a few weeks ago, I saw all sorts of weird and interesting stuff. The weird stuff included solar-powered robotic grasshoppers; “ramen stalls”, where you order from a machine, pick up your order at a window, and then sit down in a one-person stall where you can slurp your noodles in private; a […]

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Hi there, and welcome to my blog. My plan is to write (probably not very much, and probably not very often) about a few things here: Stuff I come across that I think is cool, interesting, or insightful enough to be worth sharing, and that won’t fit in 140 characters Photos, projects, and other stuff […]

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