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Photos from the Making of the Google Logo Photomosaic

A few people told me that it was hard to get a sense of the scale and location of the photomosaic from the last post, so I thought I’d post a few “making of” pictures to put it in context and show a bit more about how it was made.

First, here’s the big, boring, green wall that we used on the fourth floor of our offices in Victoria:

The 884 photographs, printed by Snappy Snaps. It was the first photo order that I’ve ever picked up in a cardboard box!

Attaching the foam core (or “polyboard” as it’s known in the U.K.) to the wall. The tape on the floor defined the line of sight of the camera so we wouldn’t accidentally have an arm or leg in the corner of the frame.

Mid-way through the construction. (Thanks, Simon Birkenhead for this photo.)

All done. Just checking for any photos in need of some extra glue.

For those who have asked about a complete “how to guide”: I’m working on one, but it’s going to be a while. Stay tuned.

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